Boost Your Golf Cart’s Performance With Performance Golf Carts

Performance golf carts are designed for people who want to get more out of their driving experiences. Upgraded motors, high-capacity batteries, and professional tuning can increase power and performance.

Electric cart options are typically broken down into AC and DC models. Understanding the differences between these two types can help you make an informed purchase decision.

Upgrade the motor and controller

Increasing the power of your golf carts motor and controller will significantly boost speed, acceleration and battery driving range. Adding a larger controller increases the current your motor can access which will directly increase torque. This upgrade also allows you to adjust top speed, braking and acceleration with the flip of a switch.

Changing the motor from the standard 2 to 3 hp to a 5 hp can add additional speed and torque to your cart. However, a significant change in acceleration should be carefully considered since the cart was designed to cruise down a golf course fairway not to race down the street.

Another easy upgrade to increase speed is to install larger diameter tires. This is a relatively inexpensive option that will increase your carts speed and power significantly. However, be aware that a larger tire will negatively impact low-end torque due to the increased weight and gear ratio. Adding an upgraded controller and solenoid will allow you to increase the stock voltage from 36v to 48v which can also double the stock motor rpm.

Upgrade the suspension system

Many golf cart owners enjoy racing their carts along sandy beaches, up inclines, and over rough terrain. But most golf carts aren’t designed to travel above 25 mph, and driving at such high speeds can be dangerous.

Upgrading the suspension system can improve both your cart’s ride quality and performance. It can also help your cart handle steep inclines and uneven surfaces better. Adding shock absorbers, heavy-duty leaf springs, or a full coil-over suspension system are all great options for improving your cart’s performance.

Other suspension upgrades include fender flares, which protect the body and wheels of the cart from debris. These can also add a sporty, rugged look to your cart. A keypad lock can also be installed, which makes it more difficult for thieves to steal your cart. This upgrade uses a numbered keypad similar to a telephone number, and the golf cart won’t start until the correct code is entered. This is an excellent option for those who use their carts in public areas where theft is a concern.

Upgrade the tires and wheels

Upgraded rims and wheels enhance the cart’s suspension, absorbing the impact of bumps and dips. They also reduce the strain on the cart’s powertrain, optimizing energy efficiency.

Upgrades are engineered with noise reduction in mind, eliminating the vibrations and friction that plague standard golf cart wheels. They also feature grooved tread patterns that drain water more efficiently, ensuring better traction on wet or hilly surfaces.

Enhanced stability translates into greater confidence and safety for golfers. Upgraded rims are designed to distribute weight evenly, minimizing the risk of rollovers or tipping accidents.

Using premium materials and advanced engineering, upgraded rims and wheels can withstand the harshest weather conditions. They also boast resistance to corrosion, meaning they require less maintenance and will retain their pristine appearance for years. This translates to significant cost savings in cleaning products and replacement expenses.

Upgrade the battery

Upgrading the battery is a great way to boost your cart’s performance. Lithium batteries provide greater longevity and efficiency than lead acid batteries. They also require less maintenance and charge much faster.

Start by removing the mounting straps and cleaning out the battery tray. Use a wire brush to remove any corrosion that has formed. Then, use a hand strap with hooks to progressively pull the heavy lead-acid batteries out of the tray.

Once you’ve removed the old batteries, choose a compatible lithium battery system from a trusted retailer like GoldenMate Energy. You’ll need to match the voltage and capacity of the new batteries with your cart’s requirements. Choose from 36-volt or 48-volt lithium batteries, and if you want more run time capacity, wire in additional batteries in parallel. Once you’ve installed your new batteries, reattach the battery retainer brackets and reconnect the negative and positive cables to your motor/controller. Then, hit the road and enjoy the increased acceleration and power of your upgraded golf cart!

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